Building a plan - and contingencies to it.


Our investment philosophy is anchored by our analytical model and portfolio construction methodology. Our investment process is based on three core assumptions:


1. No river flows in one direction. Markets, asset classes, countries, industries and sectors move up and down over many time horizons based on many fundamental and mass psychological factors. We thus reject buy-and-hold as a legitimate investment strategy;


2. Your portfolio must result from the intersection of market realities and personal needs. Ignoring one or the other will produce sub-standard results;


3. Structure, discipline and process are must-have elements for any investment plan.


KYC Framework

Your portfolio is your personalized investment solution meant to help protect and grow your wealth in all and any environments in a way that would matter most and make the biggest difference to you.

We listen to your needs and wants and we take an unconventional view on the meaning of risk tolerance. Everything we propose is a realistic path towards what you are trying to achieve while unequivocally defending the idea that capital preservation comes ahead capital appreciation in absolutely all circumstances.

Market Analysis Framework

Our market model is a unified framework reconciling market fundamentals with actual market psychology and behavior. Our research extends way beyond what we can define as permissible investment universe for a very simple reason: in today's globalized and interconnected world, some markets you may invest or may have to be present in are oftentimes impacted by developments in those you don't or should not invest in. Ignoring or paying attention to such correlation patterns ends up being the difference between long-term success and failure way more often than casual observers realize. 

Portfolio Construction Framework

Astute market professionals know there is a big difference between conducting analysis and actually making trading or investment decisions. This is because committing capital to a specific idea must account not only for how much return potential there is - and thus how much money you can make - but also for how much risk there is - and thus how much money you can actually lose.

Our portfolio construction framework is entirely driven by the firm belief that investment strategies must be judged based on the return per unit of accepted risk. This is why we re-balance portfolios based not only on what we can infer from our global capital markets research but also based on a number of rule-based statistical systems whose role is to maximize your portfolio's return-to-risk ratio.


We implement an entire system of holistic, data-driven  market analysis. We review and analyze your current investment strategies and their appropriateness in the prevailing market context. We re-anchor the conversation to our risk-management focused approach and peg expectations to realistic absolute return models.  

We prepare a personal financial plan to help you achieve your goals and dreams using a personalized Wealth Management strategy. We also create an investment policy statement (IPS) which will underlie the entire investment management process - which is the engine moving forward your entire financial plan.

We guide you through the evolution of your strategy at various stages in your life. We try to prepare you for and help you navigate through different market conditions and circumstances. All along the way we keep a sharp risk-management focus and remain faithful to our absolute return mandate.

We adjust your plan depending on how your personal or family circumstances change. We fine tune your investment policy statement (IPS) based on big picture changes in market circumstances, personal circumstances, or both. We reflect IPS changes in your overall investment strategy.

We keep you informed about your investments, market trends and financial concepts that help keep you on track. We pro-actively interact with you for periodic KYC / suitability updates and needed changes. We ensure proper reporting according to regulatory requirements and the highest of industry standards.