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A diversified offering, lots of experience and a global presence are not everything. But they help a lot!

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We are a financial advisory firm headquartered in Toronto, ON, Canada serving investors and asset managers around the world.

We view our well being at the organization and individual level intrinsically and uniquely tied to our clients’ well being. We only partner with individuals and companies who truly put clients first and cultivate outstanding client relationships.

We hold ourselves accountable to the highest professional standards and always attempt to maintain your incentives and ours perfectly aligned so our relationship grows ever stronger and ever more profitable for you and us alike.

Our mission is about:

  • Acting according to the highest of ethical standards;

  • Projecting impeccable integrity and fairness in all our dealings;

  • Putting clients’ needs, goals and objectives first;

  • Ensuring firm compensation is tied to a great extent to portfolio results;

  • Striving for excellence and long-term return consistency;

  • Forging responsible relationships, driven by the spirit and power of partnership;

  • Fostering corporate social responsibility;

  • Respecting our client’s rights to privacy and confidentiality;

  • Developing and retaining the highest possible caliber of professional talent.


What sets us apart is our vision and attitude in our dealings with clients, suppliers, partners and employees for that’s where everything we ever do or achieve stems from.

Client Focus

Our success is intimately related to our clients' success. Through our consultative approach in assisting clients, we understand their objectives, and unambiguously commit our resources in the direction that best fits their particular situation. Each ST Global - Customer relationship is personalized to the highest extent possible.


Entrepreneurial Leadership

True leadership engenders enthusiasm and commitment. It is through entrepreneurial leadership that we seize opportunities and succeed in the marketplace. It is through leadership and accountability at all levels across our company that we establish direction, encourage creative collaboration and provide an inspiring environment for our people.

Our business is exciting and full of opportunities for growth. Only with high ambitions and relentless commitment to work hard - while still having fun - can we take advantage in full of these opportunities. ST Global promotes high-spirit and friendly working environments that better integrate all employees and lead to a stronger organizational citizenship behavior.


Relationships among our staff members as well as with our clients are driven by the power of partnership. The power of partnership engenders involvement, respect, contribution and mutual support. We encourage the free exchange of ideas and demand teamwork in order to achieve the organization's main goal: complete customer satisfaction.



Entrepreneurial spirit and initiative from each individual are equally important determinants of success. Our human resources policy, then, is centered on attracting, rewarding and retaining talented people. We continuously invest in our staff's development and motivate all our employees to levels of performance and contribution few would find conceivable. ST Global is an equal opportunity employer for those candidates that meet its educational and professional experience requirements.


Corporate Social Responsibility

As a member of the corporate world, we behave as a responsible corporate citizen. ST Global, as an organization, and its employees individually, actively act to bring a positive contribution to the communities within which they do business.


Our firm and its employees conduct themselves in a manner that is virtually flawless. Our integrity is key to building upon our most valuable asset - our reputation.



We respect our clients' right to privacy and use information with appropriate discretion.



We leverage our strengths by embracing a wide diversity of perspectives, skills, and experiences. Our global network of clients and partners serves as a unique guide to understanding specific business approaches and particular client needs within many different cultures.