The "Expect More" philosophy is a complete reflection of what we stand for and underlies everything we do.


Your experience stems from and is built upon our most important asset - our reputation. We always deliver our clients the fiduciary duty we owe them by acting with integrity, by treating them fairly and by always remaining accountable according to the letter and the spirit of the law.

At ST Global, we are proud of our commitment to ethics and integrity and the way we have embedded our values into everything we do. We have made it a priority and a point to ensure we have an ethical culture where everyone embraces a sense of personal responsibility for doing the right thing in the right way.


We do not view fair treatment of customers as just a compliance obligation. Rather, we believe it is a way of life and the most sound business model we could ever adopt. 

We always strive to consistently deliver on the fiduciary duty we owe our clients and we always employ transparent and fair practices in all our business and personal dealings.

We never shy away from taking responsibility for our actions. Accountability is our way of showing our clients that we really care and that we are capable and willing to have serious conversations in all kinds of situations. It is also a way for us to confidently project that we know what we're doing and that we have the ability to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions.


We have full confidence in our holistic  market analysis framework and extend the scope of our research to depths and breadths few professionals can envision. We apply our conclusions with military-like discipline.

We believe the interaction between market fundamentals and market behavior takes place inside cycles of definite nature and form displaying commonly known personalities. 

We also believe financial markets don't evolve in a vacuum or in isolation but rather within complex systems of interaction between different geographies, asset classes, sectors and industries. A holistic way of analyzing and researching markets is the only possible and realistic starting point to any investment management problem or question.

Our research scope is dictated by our core belief system and our overall market model.

In our relentless pursuit to deliver absolute returns in any market environment, we always are as thorough as we can be in researching investment opportunities for our clients on a truly global scale. In time clients will find this opens up more options and more diversification opportunities than you would otherwise find in comparable programs.

Disciplined implementation of investment strategies is a key ingredient to investment management success.

Decisions to buy, sell or hold cannot be formulated based on knee-jerk reactions to one-off events; they must be formulated according to comprehensive rule-based systems and plans that carefully balance investment risk and potential according to many factors.

This would prevent making emotional decisions during difficult times and would ensure that on average the decisions made will produce positive and sustainable long-term results.




Our vision for the "best-of-all-worlds experience" unequivocally drives all our focus and passion towards you and your needs.

Our service is different because our vision is different.

We believe that: 

» Investment managers should offer solutions in both up and down markets; 

» Dealings, fees and commissions must be transparent at all times and the compensation must reflect both compliance and operational costs as well as investment performance;

» Customer service must be pre-emptive not reactive;

» Risk management is as much the investment manager's responsibility as generating return is;

» Clients are first and foremost human beings with needs, wants and emotions not just anchoring elements of profitable relationships. 

Our focus is always on what matters most to our clients.

We believe we can only be successful if our clients are. We also believe the most important component for having a solid business of our own is consistently delivering on all aspects of the fiduciary duty we owe our clients.

We are passionate about what we do - both as a profession and in terms of what we actually achieve for our clients.

We are always keen to learn and evolve together with all our clients and partners.